After participating in one of our courses, you’ll automatically get a lifetime invitation to our active alumni network. In the members area, we offer material from our courses, such as latest scripts, templates and cases. You’ll stay up to date as we update the database after each course.

This network helps you to keep in touch with the facilitators and a worldwide community of like-minded executives, who are interested in the application of service design in organisations and trained with the same process and methods. Everyone speaks the same language.


“TiSDD was an exceptional program from start to finish."

"Adam, Markus and Marc provided us with the background, tools, and techniques to really ‘do’ service design in just a few days."

"It was an excellent introduction for a beginner like me and was equally compelling for the more advanced designers in the group."

"The service safaris, instruction, and peer collaboration combined helped me to gain a holistic understanding of the emotional and situational contexts that need to be considered to develop greater empathy and insight into customer needs."

"TiSDD was like no professional development course I’ve ever experienced.”

“Great content and atmosphere. The thing that impressed me most was the diversity of participants from literally all over the world!”

“When I signed up for #tisdd I was after knowing how the whole process of service design worked. I had already read all the books I could find about it but there were parts I didn’t fully see. #tisdd surpassed my expectations. It completely changed my career for the better."

"Intense, fun and doing-focused. I advice you to download your brain after every section, you’ll find precious advice to guide your work. I can’t recommend it enough.”